What are Remote Monitors?

A Remote Monitor is a piece of software provided by Velocity Telephone which sends a small amount of traffic to help monitor and track the performance and quality of your network responsiveness over time.

This software helps us provide guidance on how well your network is performing, whether there are congestion or packet jitter issues that need to be addressed, or simply to confirm that your network is healthy.

The information provided by the Remote Monitor software allows us to work with you and your IT vendor in the event there are issues to help isolate the cause of any service issues. It allows everyone to determine when there are network issues, how often, what type of issues (packet loss versus network jitter), and this helps determine what the cause of the issues are and in turn guides decision making regarding resolution. We prefer to fix the 'right' issue, not make arbitrary change when there are service problems.

These statistics are also available through the secure web portal so you and your IT staff can view and use these results directly.

Many providers leave your VoIP service quality 'up to you' and your network team when you are on a 'best effort' network. Velocity believes in assisting with diagnosing when your network is having quality of service issues by determining how often they are occurring, at what times, what kind of issues, and how severe so we can work together to fix the network to keep your phone service working properly.

The Remote Monitor software is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOSX computers.

If you are having issues with your service or simply would like to start gauging the performance of your network, contact our support staff and ask for assistance in installing a Remote Monitor.

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