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What types of DND are supported with Virtual Office?

Virtual Office has three DND methods available.

The first is the basic DND feature on the phone. Placing a phone in DND directly on the phone rejects all calls immediately so they can continue the remainder of their call handling. This type of DND is very effective but the DND state of your phone is not visible anywhere to your group.

The second DND method uses Virtual Offices "Shared DND" to provide a DND feature more integrated into Virtual Office which is visible to your group using the user summary pages of the secure web portal. This DND method uses a programmed Busy Lamp to display your server-side DND state on your phone and allows it to be toggled on and off. Additionally the state can be updated using the secure web portal.

The final DND method only applies to Queues and allows Reps to DND their queue status without affecting normal call flow for calls outside of the queues.

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