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How can Velocity Telephone help if my network is 'best effort' and I believe I have congestion issues affecting my audio quality or phone service?

Velocity Telephone has an application called a "Remote Monitor" which can be installed on a Windows or MacOSX computer. It sends a very small amount of traffic to keep track of your network performance and those results are available for up to 30 days to help determine how your network is performing, and whether any changes need to be made to improve your service level. As a Virtual Office customer, you will have access to these network statistics as well through the Virtual Office portal.

Please contact our support team at 763-222-1000 options 3 and 3 to start the process of getting a remote monitor installed.

If you are an existing Virtual Office customer you may also download and install the remote monitor directly from the secure web portal using an administrator login. Just log in as an administrator and click on the "Remote Monitor" link in the administrator menu to get started. This is also where you can review your statistics once the remote monitor (or monitors) are in place.

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