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Repurpose and rename a phone for a new employee?

Virtual Office Administrators may Re-Provision an existing phone for a new employee at any time using the secure web portal.

The Re-Provision process takes only a few steps and will cleanly reprovision the phone and any associated voicemail and vfax box for a new user as if they had just been provisioned by Velocity. Additionally, a new Welcome Guide is generated at the end of the process with instructions for any setup, such as recording personal voicemail greetings, just like the one originally received with the phone but with the information for the new user.

To Re-Provision an existing phone/user:

  1. Log into the secure web portal using an Adminstrator login
  2. Under the Site Administrator section, click "Re-Provision"
  3. Select the Description for the User to Re-Provision. This will bring you to the Re-Provision page for the User's phone number(s).
  4. Review the list of Re-Provision actions. Fill in the information for the new User, including their Name, Email (for unified messaging), and any other fields such as their 911 Caller ID / Location.
  5. Click "Re-Provision Endpoints" to begin the reprovision process. A reprovision may take up to a full minute to complete. Do not interrupt the reprovision process once it has started. When the reprovision is complete the new Welcome Guide will be downloaded automatically with the information for the new User.
  6. Reboot the phone after the reprovision process is complete to download the new configuration to the phone.

Up to one phone, vmail, and vfax may be Re-Provisioned at a time using this process. If a User has multiple phones, additional Re-Provision operations may be required to Re-Provision all of their phone numbers after the first set of numbers have been Re-Provisioned.

You may also contact Velocity Telephone at any time to assist with phone Re-Provisioning, to add more phones, or for help configuring your phones.

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