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Record calls? Listen to recorded calls?

Recording Calls

You may begin recording a conversation when speaking with another party by pressing * 5  (star, then 5) during the conversation. Recording will continue until the conversation ends, the call is transferred (including park/pickup), or if you press *6 to explicitly stop recording.

Retrieving Recordings

Recordings may be retrieved by logging in to the secure web portal at and clicking on "Recorded Calls" under your Personal Settings.

Advanced Options

If you record a lot of calls and want to receive a notification with download link at the end of each recording, there is a "Call Recording Notifications" section under each phone's settings where an email address may be entered to send a notification including a download link (or the full recording, if your email provider allows very large attachments) whenever a call is recorded on your phone.

If you record a lot of calls and want to see the recording state, and have busy lamps enabled on your phone, a special *5 key can be programmed which will show red when recording is active. Contact Velocity customer support or your administrator if you want to research or enable this option.

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