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Update menu options and the associated greeting for my main numbers?

There are two steps to update a menu in a VTree. A VTree is the name of the product used to create the menus, call blasts, and other rules for handling calls to your company's main numbers.

First, the options must be updated using the VTreeEditor or by having Velocity do so for you, and second the associated greeting(s) must be updated to match these options.

Tip: be sure to keep your menu options and greetings in sync so callers reach the party expected when they select an option from your menu.

To update your menu options [available to administrators only] :

  1. Launch the VTreeEditor. The VTreeEditor is a standalone application whose installer can be downloaded from any VTree phone number edit page on the secure web portal. This is a one time installation.
  2. Select the phone number you wish to edit
  3. Double click the menu you wish to edit; or right-click the menu and select "Edit" from the popup menu
  4. Make a note of the Resource Number in the "Play Resource" field on the first line of the edit dialog. This will be used to update your menu greeting.
  5. Add, Edit, and Delete options as needed using the edit dialog
  6. Click "OK" to update the menu options
  7. Select "File > Save" from the menu to save the changes and make them active

To update the menu greeting to match the new options:

  1. Call into your Resource Recording number. Your Resource Recording number is available in your "Phone Numbers" list, and as part of your welcome letter provided during implementation.
  2. When prompted, enter the Resource Recording access PIN. If you have lost your PIN you may update it using the secure web portal by accessing the Resource Recording Number edit page from the Phone Numbers list, or by contacting Velocity support.
  3. When prompted, enter the Resource Number for the menu you are updating and follow the prompts:
    • Press 1 to record the Menu Greeting
    • Press 2 to delete the current Menu Greeting
    • Press 3 to review the current Menu Greeting
    • Press * to exit current Resource Number and enter another
  4. After recording, follow the prompts to listen to the full recording and either save or rerecord:
    • Press 1 to review the recording
    • Press 2 to save the recording
    • Press 3 to re-record
    • Press 4 to discard the recording
The new menu greeting is active immediately upon saving

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