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Forward phone calls?

There are multiple options for forwarding phone calls using Virtual Office.

The main options for forwarding calls are:

The preferred method is using Call Rules since they can be activated and inactivated from anywhere and at any time using the secure web portal or the Velocity Virtual Office mobile app. Additionally, call rules can have built in schedules for when to be applied (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm, for instance) or be tied to specific callers, such as internal calls only or a specific caller ID of a frequent caller.

Note these forwarding options do not affect call blasts. Any call blast that includes the phone will not be interrupted due to forwarding options being active on the phone.

To add or update a Call Rule through the secure web portal:

To allow callers to optionally reach you at an alternate number using the Voicemail "Press 1" option:

To use "Forward All" directly on the phone:
Note: Forward All performed directly on the phone can only be de-activated through physical access to the phone. It cannot be inactivated remotely.

To Cancel forwarding press the "CancelFwd" softkey on the phone.

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