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Update my speed-dials and/or busy lamps?

Updating speed dials requires three steps:

To update your speed dial keys:

To download the changes to the phone:

Updates must be downloaded to the phone to take effect. This can be achieved by rebooting or repowering the phone after applying the updates in the secure web portal.

Rebooting can be done through the phone menu, which is accessed by pressing the menu key in the middle of the four arrows on your phone. Press the menu key, then scroll to the "Reboot" option and press the menu key again to select this option and start the reboot process.

On the Colorscreen phone models you may alternately press the hold and right arrow key at the same time to pull down the changes without rebooting.

To print a new overlay:

Busy Lamps

Busy Lamps are a paid feature with a small additional fee per phone. If Busy Lamps are enabled for your phone your Administrator or Velocity Telephone customer support can update them for you. Busy Lamps cannot normally be edited using a regular login for privacy reasons, though they will be labeled as Busy Lamps in the edit UI if you have Busy Lamps programmed on your phone.

Busy Lamps are edited just like speed dials (when using an Administrator login), except there is a drop-down to select speed dial versus busy lamp mode for each key once busy lamps are enabled on a phone. They function like a speed dial but also provide a light next to the speed dial key showing the state of a user on the system or a service. The light is lit green when a user is idle, flashes red when a call is ringing, and is solid red when the user is on their phone.

To add the Busy Lamp feature to a phone please contact Velocity Telephone customer support.

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