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Basic router and switch model recommendations

Velocity Virtual office is compatible with most networks. It is run daily over many different firewalls, routers, and managed and unmanged switch models and will function on most networks without modification.

That said, we strongly encourage disabling all SIP ALGs on your modems, routers, and firewalls as Virtual Office does not rely on or require any assistance when drilling through NAT, and SIP ALGs often contain processing logic limitations and bugs that reduce service quality and reliability. We also have a SIP ALG detector built into our Remote Monitor software which can detect most SIP ALGs in the event one is missed.

If you do need a basic router or switch recommendation, we can recommend the following models as basic equipment to build or expand your network with high assurance of Virtual Office compatability. While router and switch firmware does change over time, these models have been consistently compatible with our service.

Basic Router:
Any Linksys Exxxx and EAxxxx models
Linksys E2500, E4200, and EA6200 are specific model examples from this line of routers. Typically, the higher the model number the more users and traffic the model can support.

Router with advanced Firewall:
SonicWall TZ-xxx series firewall products
Note these are advanced firewalls with complex feature and routing management. These firewalls typically require IT personel with training to properly manage the device. It also has features such as active scanning which, if enabled, may require whitelisting entries for optimal VoIP performance.

24-port Gigabit switch:
TP-Link TL-SG1024   -   TP-Link 24-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Rackmount Switch

Virtual Office is run daily over a variety of firewall, router, and managed and unmanaged switch models, from many different manufacturers and different price points including Cisco, SonicWall, Astaro, and many others. We are compatible with most equipment out of the box.

We also offer rental of limited Linksys router models as well as TP-Link 24-port SG-1024 gigabit unmanaged switches, for convenience.

Please contact our customer support if you have questions about specific models that you already own or are considering purchasing.

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