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Install the mobile app?

The Virtual Office mobile app comes included with all desk phones in Virtual Office.

The mobile app can be installed on iOS and Android phones by searching for "Velocity Virtual Office" in the AppStore (iOS) or GooglePlay (Android).

Some of the features include:

Once installed, you enter the same credentials to log into the mobile app that you use to log in to the main secure portal (

During your first login you will be brought to the settings page to configure your mobile phone number to use with the dialer. Once that is updated the app is ready to go.

Placing calls:
To place a call access the "Dial" tab. You can also tap phone numbers in your call log and message list to automatically populate these into the dialer for conveniently performing call backs.

Once you have the number entered you wish to call, tap the "Place Call" button which will initiate a two-stage call. Your mobile phone will ring within a few seconds with an incoming call from your desk phone's telephone number. Answer that call and the outbound call will begin which is dialing out to the person you entered in the dialer.

This two-stage functionality allows you to take advantage of the stability and reliability of your mobile phone's network, including when transitioning between towers when on the road and roaming, rather than using a single-stage softphone app over data which is not as resilient when traveling and moving around. Calls placed with the dialer are as reliable as any other call placed from your mobile phone.

For a high level overview of the mobile app, you can access our sell sheet here:

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