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Add a new Rep ID?

Rep IDs are the logins a rep uses to log into a queue from any Virtual Office phone.

Rep IDs help provide tracking of productivity statistics for individuals who answer calls out of a queue. It also provides the abstraction that allows a rep to log in from any Virtual Office phone to answer calls. Whether calls are answered from a desk phone at the office, a remote site, or at home all call handling statistics are available for tracking the performance and activity of each representative.

To add a new Rep ID:

  1. Login to the secure web portal at
  2. Under the "Queue Administrator" section click "Rep IDs"
  3. Click the "Add a Rep ID" button at the top of the page
  4. Fill out the information for the new Rep, starting with their Rep ID # and name, then click "Submit"
    Note: the Rep ID number can be any number up to six digits in length; this is the Rep ID number that will be used to log in and to track their statistics

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