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Block phone numbers?

To block a specific phone number from calling:

  1. Log into the Virtual Office Portal at
  2. Find and click on the phone number the unwanted calls are coming into
    • If this is for your phone number it will be under Personal Settings
    • If this is for a company phone number, you will need to log in with an Administrator login and click on the "Phone Numbers" link in the "Site Administrator" section of the menu
  3. Click the "Edit Call Handling Rules" button
  4. Click the "Add a Call Handling Rule" button
  5. Fill out the call handling rule form:
    • Change "Apply to:" to "Only calls from phone number:" and enter the phone number you want to block
    • Leave "At:" as "All times"
    • Change "Default Action" to "Block caller"
  6. Click the "Add Rule" button to finish adding the call blocking rule

If you have issues or want assistance you may contact us to add the rule for you by emailing or by any of the means on the Contact Support page.

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