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VTree feature list

VTrees are customizable call handling numbers that are part of the Virtual Office system. They allow for flexible and customizable call handling of your company's main telephone numbers.

Below is a list of some of the main features of the VTree product.

When you purchase Virtual Office our implementation team will work with you to identify in detail how calls should be handled coming into your company's main numbers. We then setup VTrees to meet your company's needs. After implementation you may contact customer support at any time to help customize any of these features, or you may modify them yourself using the secure web portal.


Custom Menus
VTrees can provide custom menus with single or multiple digit matching (up to a full fifteen digits as needed). Menus play a recording that prompts the caller to press a number to reach the appropriate party or parties to handle the call. A common example of this would be to Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, and so on. Selected options may go to individuals, call blasts, voicemail, instructional menus, or any other call handling option.

Call Multiple Phones (Call Blast)
This feature allows you to call multiple phones simultaneously (a "Call Blast"). Whomever picks up the call first receives the call. If no one answers the call it will continue on to the next feature, which can be set to a menu, a voicemail box, an expanded or different call blast, or any other VTree feature.

Sequential Call Groups
Multiple Call Blasts may be used individually or in series in a VTree to provide call handling that escalates when a call is not answered. Each call blast will occur in order until the call is picked up.

Customized Caller ID and/or Caller Name
Call Blasts can send a custom caller name and/or caller ID with the call so it is clear what type of call it is. For instance, if a call came in on the sales option it can be set to say "SALES" so it is clear this is an inbound sales call and not a regular (direct dial) call.

Distinctive Ring
Call Blasts may be set to use a distinctive ringtone when a specific call blast is performed. This is useful to identify different types of calls or urgent calls.

Call Transfer / Call Forward
This will forward the call to any phone number or voicemail box. If the phone number is part of your Virtual Office group you can choose to honor or skip the associated call rules that may have been setup for the phone or voicemail box (such as Find Me/Follow Me/Online Call notification).

Time of Day / Day of Week Rules
You can have calls handled in a different manner during different times of the day, and different days of the week. A common scenario would be to ring the receptionist weekdays between 9am-5pm, and after hours and on weekends play the caller a menu of options or send them directly to voicemail.

Night Mode
Calls may be handled in a different manner based on whether Night Mode is enabled or disabled. Night mode is an optional feature that may be used if you want to maintain manual control over how calls are handled coming into a main number. Night mode provides a manual trigger to change call handling, with one or more phones being programmed with a night mode button that can toggle night mode on and off. A common use of night mode would be to ring the receptionist while Night Mode is off, and if Night Mode is enabled to send the caller directly to a menu or a voicemail box.

Dial by Extension
Any menu can be set to have Dial by Extension enabled which allows the caller to dial an extension to reach the corresponding party. Extensions are fully customizable in Virtual Office, and are individually flagged to be including in Dial by Extension or disallowed.

Dial by Name
Dial by Name allows inbound callers to find someone by spelling out part of the last name of the person they are trying to reach within your organization. Dial by Name, if configured in your VTree, is accessed through an explicit option added to a menu (or multiple menus). Access to individuals through the Dial by Name feature is controlled in the same manner as Dial by Extension; each extension is flagged explicitly to be allowed or disallowed from the Dial by Name feature.

Caller ID Matching
Calls may be handled in a custom manner based on caller ID matching. For instance, if you have a VIP customer that calls your company you can have a rule that routes the call directly to a special call blast or person based on the incoming caller ID.

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