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VFax Installation and Configuration Guide

Virtual Fax (VFax) allows you to have the convenience of dedicated fax number, without the need for an additional phone line. Any fax message you receive will automatically be emailed directly to you in a PDF document. If you have our Out-Bound VFax service, you have the added ability to send faxes to anyone directly from your computer using our easy to use Print to Fax software.

This document shows you how to install our Print to Fax software. This is a two step process that requires you to install the following:

Also covered in this document are:
The Print to Fax client is supported on Windows XP or newer.

Step 1: Ghostscript Installation

Step 2: PrintToFax Installation

If you have a trial kit, you will need to first select Enter Your Fax Trial Registration ID and enter the information you received with your trial kit.

Post-Installation Details
Once you have successfully installed the Print to Fax software, you will see a new icon in your taskbar:

Your will also see a new Print to Fax printer in your Printers folder:

How To Send a Fax
If you want to send a fax, simply print your document, and select the Print To Fax printer. A Print to Fax window will appear on your screen. Enter the number you wish to send the fax to, and then select Send. If your account is configured to send concurrent faxes, you can enter up to 20 additional numbers separated by a semicolin (ie, 7635551234; 7635551235).

(optional) You can select Add Cover Sheet to add a cover sheet along with your fax. All of the fields are optional, however if you do not enter any information, a cover sheet will not be included in your fax. If you want to add a logo, it must be in BMP format.

Troubleshooting Steps
If for some reason the fax message does not reach it's destination (wrong number, busy line, etc), VFax will automatically try to resend the message 3 times, in five minute intervals. If it fails after that point, you will receive an email message informing you of the status. If this happens, please try to dial the number your are trying to send a fax to from a phone. If you do not hear a fax machine answer the phone, you may need to contact the person you are trying to send a fax to and verify the fax number you have is correct.

If you are unable to install the print to fax software, try to following steps:

If you are unable to send faxes, try to following steps:

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