Velocity VO
Virtual Fax Installation and Setup Guide

Virtual Fax (VFax) allows you to have the convenience of dedicated fax number, without the need for an additional phone line. Any fax message you receive will automatically be emailed directly to you in a PDF document. If you have our Out-Bound VFax service, you have the added ability to send faxes to anyone directly from your computer using our easy to use Print to Fax software.


The Print to Fax client is supported on Windows 10 or newer and installation is a two step process:

Step 1: Ghostscript Installation

Download Ghostscript
  • When the download is finished, run the installer
  • Proceed through the installation wizard by clicking Next, leaving all options as default.

Step 2: Print-To-Fax Installation

Download Print-to-Fax
  • When the download is finished, run the installer
  • Proceed through the installation wizard.
    • Before the installer completes the installation process, a Configure Fax Message Box window will be displayed:
    • Enter your VFax number and PIN provided in your welcome e-mail or user guide, and press OK.
    • Note: You may be prompted to restart your computer after installation.

Post-Installation Details

Once you have successfully installed the Print to Fax software, you will see a new icon in your taskbar:

How To Send a Fax
To send a fax, simply print your document from any application, then select the Print To Fax printer. A Print to Fax window will appear on your screen. Enter the number you wish to send the fax to, and then select Send.
You will receive an email notification typically within 5 minutes aftering sending the fax, or longer for larger faxes.
Note: You may enter up to 20 additional numbers separated by a semicolin (e.g., 7635551234; 7635551235).

Add Cover Sheet (Optional)
You may click the Add Cover Sheet button in the main Print to Fax window to send a cover sheet along with your fax. All of the fields are optional, however if you do not enter any information, a cover sheet will not be included in your fax. If you want to add a logo, it must be in BMP format.


If for some reason the fax message does not reach it's destination (wrong number, busy line, etc), VFax will automatically try to resend the message 3 times, in five minute intervals. If it fails after that point, you will receive an email message informing you of the status. If this happens, please try to dial the number your are trying to send a fax to from a phone. If you do not hear a fax machine answer the phone, you may need to contact the person you are trying to send a fax to and verify the fax number you have is correct.

If you are unable to install the print to fax software, try to following steps:
  • Right click on the installation file, and select Run as Administrator. If that option is not available, you must log into your computer under the "Administrator" user (log off, then Control+Alt+Del).
  • Make sure you have installed Ghostscript to C:\Program Files (x86)\gs

If you are unable to send faxes, try to following steps:

  • Make sure your firewall has allowed PrintToFax access to port 7541
  • Verify on your bill that you have Outbound faxing enabled on your account.