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What features are available for handling my company's main telephone numbers?

Virtual Office offers customizable call handling to manage incoming calls for your company's main telephone numbers. They are part of a product we call a VTree.

A VTree can perform many features and functions for your company when handling incoming calls. Examples include ringing a group of phones simultaneously, expanded groups if a call is not answered by the first group, menus that let callers hear your company's main options (service, sales, etc) and allows them to select who they wish to speak with from the menu, and many other custom call handling options. Some additional features include time of day based handling, night mode, distinctive ring, dial-by-extension, dial-by-name, and complex menu structures which can utilize a combination of any and all of these system features.

When you purchase Virtual Office our implementation team will work with you to identify how calls should be handled coming into your company and customize these features to meet your needs. After implementation you may contact customer support to help you through any modifications to the handling of your main numbers, or you may modify them yourself using the tools available through the secure web portal. For your reference we have an online FAQ detailing the features available in our VTrees.

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