What is Virtual Office?
Online Portal
Online Portal for Virtual Office
Feature Overview
What features are available for handling my company's main telephone numbers?
VTree feature list
Training Videos
Overview for the Online Web Portal
Online Web Portal: Setting up Speed Dials
GXP-2110 Phone Overview
Blind Transfer
Attended Transfer
Park and Pick Up
Conference Calling
What headsets do you recommend?
Pairing Bluetooth Headsets
How do I...
Login to the portal?
Install the mobile app?
Update my speed-dials and/or busy lamps?
Create a call rule that rings my cell phone?
Forward phone calls?
Change my e-mail notifications for voicemail and fax boxes?
Customize my voicemail greeting?
Customize my recorded name?
Change my voicemail PIN?
Block phone numbers?
Use a Shared Line Appearance
Setup SMS-to-Email relay, Unified Messaging
View and/or export my call log?
Format the date/time fields in Excel for exported call logs?
Change my Virtual Office portal password?
Change my outbound Caller ID number?
Record calls? Listen to recorded calls?
Contact Support
Queues: How do I...
Add a new Rep ID?
Modify which queues a rep is assigned to / can receive calls from?
Administrators: How do I...
Set up and plug in a new phone / replacement phone?
Repurpose and rename a phone for a new employee?
Update menu options and the associated greeting for my main numbers?
Create or modify an extension?
Network Administrators
Basic router and switch model recommendations
Problem Explanations and Solutions
Common causes for choppy audio
What happens if my internet connection fails?
Support Tools
How can Velocity Telephone help if my network is 'best effort' and I believe I have congestion issues affecting my audio quality or phone service?
How to interpret Remote Monitor results for a best effort connection
How can I tell if my network has a SIP ALG?
Do Not Disturb (DND)
What types of DND are supported with Virtual Office?
How does the Shared DND work?
Print to Fax outbound fax software
What operating systems is the Print to Fax client supported on?
Why doesn't the Print to Fax dialog come up when printing from Adobe Reader?
Can I view inbound faxes on my smart phone?
What size bitmap should I use for the cover sheet logo?
Outlook Add In
Virtual Office Outlook Add In (Click to Call and Contact Synchronization)
Desk Phones
Advanced Phone Functions for GXP phones
ATA - Analog Telephone Adapters
Advanced ATA features and usage
What softphones may be used with Virtual Office?
Setup Instructions for eyeBeam
Softphone Support Policy